About Us

In 2018, Holland Hall was acquired by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bill Kenyon, who has overseen an extensive and sympathetic restoration of the 17th century historic country house.

Whilst retaining many of its original features and period charm, the re-development of the property has added all the required modern facilities, resulting in a contemporary venue. Specialising in:

Weddings, Events & Corporate
Bedrooms – 26 Luxury Bedrooms
The Pub at Holland Hall – A Victorian Pub
The Restaurant at Holland Hall – A Fine Dining Restaurant – Coming Soon

Browse our website to plan your visit, and if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to Holland Hall!

Holland Hall History

Holland Hall is a 17th Century Grade II listed building; the original ‘Holland House’ built in 1654 remains in its entirety a large part of the present day Holland Hall.

Some of the original Baroque architecture is still in situ, including the original pedimented studded door with its frame-moulded architrave and sash windows, this original front entrance of the old hall dating back to 1654 is in its original stone masonry. The sandstone moulded architrave had 33 coats of paint when we lovingly stripped it back to reveal its original look. 

Bill Kenyon brought his wife here on their first date back in 1966, he used to have his own key to the front door, the venue wasn’t staffed in those days, so you used to help yourselves to food and drink and note things down in an honesty book which was left on reception. He had so many fond memories of Holland Hall, so when it came on the market the heart ruled the head and he just had to become the proprietor. One of the first jobs Bill did when he purchased the property was to hire the finest french polisher to remove the yale lock from the door and lovingly restore it back to its natural beauty.

We are situated in the historic village of Upholland in West Lancashire. The village was first attested in the Domesday book of 1086, appearing as Hoiland which in Old English means ‘land on the spur of a hill’.

The ‘Boardroom’ was unexpectedly exposed when we went to take down the plastered studded wall. If you look closely you can see the pilot hole that we drilled, we hit the sand stone original wall, stopped immediately and carefully removed the wall to expose this hidden gem of a boardroom with the stunning fireplace, this is now used for afternoon tea, boardroom meetings and private dining events. 

The ‘de Holland’ family (deriving their name from the place) were an extremely influential family in the county with Robert de Holland founding a college for catholic monks; the present Anglican church of St Thomas the Martyr (located at the top of the hill in the village). There is a two mile tunnel running between the hall and the church, this located in our Victorian Pub and we have placed a glass floor so you can see into the cellar. It is believed that the priests used to use this secret tunnel to both flee murderers and to gain access to the church whilst hiding away.

Priest-holes were built by wealthy Catholic families following the Elizabethan out-lawing of Catholicism, so that priests who were hiding in private homes could flee ‘priest-hunters’ when Catholics were persecuted, who would search houses for weeks. Priests who were found were hung, drawn and quartered. Under Queen Elizabeth I, priests were often imprisoned, tortured and even killed. Priest holes were specially disguised within this house to baffle search parties.

Previous refurbishments have revealed a number of priest-holes; one was found concealed in the wall and is now a feature of one our Priory suites with exposed walls made from wattle and daub. This hand made priest-hole was found bricked up at the back of a wardrobe. Still intact is the original coat hood with a cassock tassels from one of the priests from back in the day. 

During our full renovation we have discovered a lot of interesting features from a hidden staircase, to under ground tunnels even wattle and daub and not to mention the unexpected happenings going on around the hotel…

Our search still continues…