Over and Out… ‘for now’

It is with a very heavy heart we are announcing that Holland Hall is closed, effective immediately.

Landline communication will be EXTREMELY limited, we currently have two portable mobiles, each linked to the landline with ONE member of staff taking ownership for each phone, we cannot stress enough that these phones will not be manned 24/7…Voicemails, unfortunately will NOT be picked up as we need to be onsite for this.

We STRONGLY advise, written communications:

WEDDINGS, EVENTS, CORPORATE: Julia@hollandhall.co.uk / joanne@hollandhall.co.uk

THEE ROBERT DE HOLLAND INN: olly@hollandhall.co.uk

THEE HISTORIC HOTEL: genice@hollandhall.co.uk

Please bear with us, we will answer your queries to the best of our ability, via email.

Thank you for your patience, politeness and understanding!!

We really look forward to hearing from you all again soon!

Stay safe, be kind & take care! #bettertogether

Team HH <3

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