Mo Salah GQ Magazine shot @ Holland Hall

We’ve been keeping some HUGE & EXCITING NEWS under wraps! But we can finally reveal all…

We had the pleasure of hosting Mohamed Salah and British GQ at Holland Hall! Can you believe the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD shot his front cover and editorial images for GQ MAGAZINE here with us! We have definitely entered into the New Year with a bang! And this is a sign of many more fantastic things to come for us! A monumental day for Holland Hall! Huge thanks to Mohamed Salah & British GQfor choosing Holland Hall for your location for this fantastic shoot!

You can read the article and view all the images shot at Holland Hall here!…/mohamed-salah-interview/amp

Some behind the scenes photos from Mohamed Salah‘s shoot for British GQ.

We also received a fantastic review from the filming team! Massive congratulations to our HH TEAM!

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