2 Year Anniversary @ Historic Holland Hall

A Statement from Bill Kenyon, Owner of Historic Holland Hall.

It is two years since I took over ownership of Historic Holland Hall in Up Holland. We are nearing the end of our full restoration of this beautiful building and I would like to thank everyone for your patience, understanding and continued support whilst we have brought Holland Hall back to life!

My dream when I bought Holland Hall was to serve ‘THEE ULTIMATE FOOD’ around the local area and beyond. We have been better and worse than local establishments around us and I accept this. Moving forward we are launching a brand new menu at Thee Robert De Holland Inn with food ranging from Buffalo Wings, Ribs to Pizzas… we have something very special coming soon!

Holland Hall has had a complete make over, and the areas look fantastic! I want to become a local community hub for our area and surrounding districts.

Holland Hall Weddings, Events & Corporate offer much more than previous years, covering every event you could think of…

We also have our fine dining Steak & Fish Restaurant Thee Ultimate Purveyors opening very soon!

It’s been an exciting 2 years with many changes, and more are still to come.

I would like to thank you again for all your continued support and valued custom.

Finally, I would like to take it back to you, our valued customers… what would you like to see from Holland Hall now? I would appreciate any comments, ideas and/or general feedback….

Thank you, Bill Kenyon

Please contact us with any ideas.

01695 624 426


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